OFFICERS 2018-2019

Carlos Trujillo Exalted Ruler Email the E.R.
Scott Thomas Esteemed Leading Knight Email the Leading Knight
Aileen Lenzi Esteemed Loyal Knight Email the Loyal Knight
Ben Jordan Esteemed Lecturing Knight Email the Lecturing Knight
Ernie Miller Secretary Email the Secretary
Michele Wilson Treasurer Email the Treasurer
Cliff Price Tiler Email the Tiler
Bill Cassidy Esquire Email the Esquire
Jeff Doane Chaplain Email the Chaplain
Marcos Cruz Inner Guard Email the Inner Guard
Lori Marshall Alternate to the Grand Lodge Email the Alt to Grand Lodge
Open Presiding Justice Email the Presiding Justice
Open Lodge Mediator Email the Lodge Mediator
Jimmy Pezone Chairman, Board of Trustees Email the Chairman, Board of Trustees
Ken Tavernier House Committee Chairman Email the House Committee Chairman
Katherine Pietsch 1-year Trustee Email the 1-year Trustee
Bud Jobe 3- year Trustee Email the 3-year Trustee
Lori Marshall 5-year Trustee Email the 5-year Trustee


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